Financial Advice to savers in the post-pandemic world, from an accountant in Riyadh

Riyadh Skyline

All the cities are opening in most parts of the globe-business appears to be getting back to normal. And you have been stuck in your house for months, just watching the cash from your income source pile up as you were too scared to buy things and services.

Well I have got news for you: do not spend the money on dumb decisions!

If you have to buy that new car, that new furniture those new shoes, phones -do not do it!

Why the hell not?

Use this extra cash on a long-term financial growth plan. Here are five steps to wisely invest your hard-earned cash:

  1. Buy Business Books

This will help you learn the basics of business-the buying and selling; prices and taxes; profit and loss etc. And this basic information is important for everyone to understand. I have written a number of books on these subjects after years of research and experience: make sure to buy them, I promise you it will change the way you look at money, business and finances.

2. Improve Your Writing Skills

Following on from the first tip, it is important to improve your written communication skills. Now, you can not do that if you do not buy books that have good writing in them. Why do you need to that? I mean you need to be a good communicator for mental health reasons: how can you afford to not properly communicate with yourself? Because if you cannot even have a conversation with yourself, what hope is there communicating with other people who may or may not even like you or your product or your service?

3. Invest In Your Sales Skills

I have written many best-selling business programs-all of them have sold out in the last couple of months. Once I restock those, invest those products and services for your personal benefit. If you cannot persuade yourself to buy quality products and services in order to improve your health and finances, how can you persuade others?

4. Become A Real Marketer

This is the most difficult one: most people have to get degrees in marketing. The area is a science of its own. However, it is still good to invest a few hours and a few dollars in buying some useful material for professional growth.

5. Learn How To Trade Online

I said ‘’learn how to trade online’’ I never said ‘’trade online’’. That’s a big difference! Never put your money in things you do not understand; always put your money in things you do. I ask you to learn stuff in order to avoid failure and be up to date on things in finance.